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Server Merge on 1st November

Oct 31 2017
Server Merge on 1st November

We will have server merge for Oraco servers on 1st November 03:00 AM EDT, 07:00 AM GMT. The following servers will be down during server merge.

US East:



GMT Server:


The servers have been mentioned above will be down for about 3 hours. Please keep an eye on our post for update.

A few server merge rules:
1.Deleting characters:
1) Character has not been logged in for 7 days and below level 10,and the player has never Recharged on that character;
2) Character has not been logged in for 14 days and is below level 50, and the player has never Recharged on that character;
Characters that meet ALL the conditions for one of the above will be deleted during the merge.
*Any character that has Recharged will not be deleted
2. When there are multiple characters with the same name, all but one of the characters will be given a Rename Card
3. All guilds will be on main server.
4. Ranking will be reset, rewards could be effected.
5. Certain cross server feature will be effected, the problem will be fixed after players join event again.
6. Lord of Storm Title will be erased.Players can try to collect the title after server merge.
7. If you have two characters on 2 servers which are emerged together.You can log in your characters through the original login method for each.
For example, suppose S1 merges with S2 and you have a character on each. When you login to S1, your character will be whichever character you had before on S1, and the same for when you login into S2. Please note that the two characters can't be online at the same time.