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SERVER UPDATE ON 26th April 04:00 AM EST

Apr 26 2018
SERVER UPDATE ON 26th April 04:00 AM EST

It's time for an update on the game now. We are planning to update the game on 26th April 04:00 AM EST, 08:00 AM GMT.

Event Plans:

Event time: 26th April --- 9th May

Events: Charming Ranking

Event time: 26th April --- 23rd May

Events: Source Rewards, joining events to collect rewards. The more events you joined, the higher scores you gain.

             Gem Event, reaching Gem goal to claim rare rewards.

             Spendings, it's your chance to show off the money and gain awesome rewards! Make it rain!

             Pet Miracles, upgrade your pet miracles to claim rewards!

             Pet Stamp, upgrade pet stamps to claim rewards.

             Chaos Glyph, reaching Chaos Glyph goal to receive magnificent rewards.

             Nature ELF Pattern, time to upgrade your nature ELF!

             Egg Smash, time to try your luck! 


New Item: Maid Perfume will be added after the update. The item is used to speed up maid mine.